College 2021 Review

One College, One Campus

In June 2021, a review of All Saints’ College was initiated to facilitate long-term planning. Following the key findings of the 2021 review, we are focused on ensuring the best possible learning progression and educational outcomes for all our students and an integrated year 7 – 12 College.

An Implementation Committee was established as a representative body to discuss and facilitate the matters related to the key findings of the 2021 review.

The Implementation Committee has been working on key activities such as:

  • A new timetable
  • Professional learning and support for staff
  • Student support for senior students transitioning to St Peter’s campus
  • Consolidating areas of strengths at the College.
  • Modifications to enhance the operations of All Saints’ College as a whole.

The work of the Implementation Committee continues. Members of the Implementation Committee were selected via a voluntary Expression of Interest (EOI) process and the group reflects a combination of Diocesan and school leadership, St Mary’s and St Peter’s staff, support staff and a member of the Independent Education Union.

A summary of the 2021 review findings and key documentation can be found below: