All Saints’ College Parent Engagement Group

In 2023 All Saints’ College is commencing the Parent Engagement Group (PEG) model for parents, replacing the previous P&F structure of meetings.

All parents and carers of students at the College are invited to join us for these meetings and become actively involved in the discussion of parent/ carer partnership in our children’s education.

The Parent Engagement Group will still be a regular meeting, held on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm, the intention being that parents and carers can attend in person or online.

The PEG Model

The Parent Engagement Group is our key parent forum and provides critical input from the parent/ carer body to the School Executive. It is a very valuable point of communication regarding developments and changes within our school.

The major change of the PEG model is that each meeting will have an educational presentation, the topics of which are decided in discussion with parents and the College Executive team. Parents/ carers can request topics to be considered for these informative presentations.

In transitioning from the old P&F model to the new PEG model we know that those at these meetings will continue to work diligently to ensure the relationship between the school, students, parents/carers and families is relevant and its importance is maintained.

Meeting agenda

The ongoing agenda at the meetings will include, but is not limited to activities such as:

  • affirming, supporting and validating ideas, policies and initiatives
  • being a critical participant for discussing and expanding new ideas and suggestions
  • providing feedback of effectiveness and impact of school initiatives and programs
  • providing a `voice’ for parents / carers to make suggestions, to directly express views, to share experiences and expectations.
  • Being actively involved in the discussion and decision of how the Fundraising levy contribution is used to procure items / support initiatives for the students.

Parent delegates from the PEG meeting will continue to represent All Saints College at the Federation of Parents and Friends for the Diocese and provide relevant feedback and information as gained.

Meetings are planned the first Tuesday of the month – during school term dates. The meeting time has changed to 6:30pm this year. As a parent/carer participating in the meeting, your commitment is usually an hour or your time and discussion. A Compass reminder will be forwarded to the school community and will provide details of location, and instructions to join the meeting virtually.


Volunteers form a valuable part of our school communities. All volunteers must be enrolled and are subject to further checks in order to keep members of our community safe.

To become a volunteer, please follow the link below and complete the online Volunteer Forms.

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