All Saints’ College aims to provide opportunities to develop and cultivate leadership qualities within all students. While not all students will be formally recognised in leadership roles, we aim to instill in them a strong sense of social justice through servant leadership and service for others.

Student Leadership Structure

The Student Leadership Team comprises of four student leaders, four house leaders and eight team leaders.

Student Leaders
  • Represent the school at formal occasions when appropriate
  • Chair committees as required
  • Lead school assemblies
  • Have a pivotal role in major school activities
  • Act as a liaison between the student body and the leadership group of the school.
House Leaders
  • Represent the students from their House in teams as required
  • Assist in the implementation of decisions and programs from those teams
  • Support their House Student Coordinator at House assemblies e.g. prayer, MC
  • Assist and support Tutor Group e.g. fundraising activities such as CARITAS
  • Represent the school at official school/community functions if required
  • Enhance communication between students and staff at a House level
  • Working with Student Coordinators in the promotion and development of the House identity
  • Work closely with Student Coordinators on the organisation of House feast days.
Team Leaders

(Celebration & Spirituality Team; Environmental Sustainability Team; Social Justice Team; Community Team):

  • Chairing and/or attending Team Meetings
  • Liaising with College Principal, Head of Campus, Assistant Principals, Student Coordinators and other staff on community events
  • Supporting the school community in various tasks such as canteen or school assemblies
  • Attendance at Student Leadership meetings with Executive members.